Friday, April 16, 2010

What a difference a day makes...

...or in this case, a simple Volcanic Eruption.

Yeah, I'm staying at 78 degrees north, which should be way above any consideration since the current blast from Eyjafjallajökull is heading southwest from Iceland.

Think again.

Where do all those planes to us come from?

Yup, you got it right.

So we are at the moment stuck with the "guests" we had yesterady, which most of the time is pretty fine. Except for the fact that they've already spent all the money they were going to spend and get their continuous stays (and meals) at a very low rate (since SAS has pretty damn good rates up here, considering they're the only ones who do the trp).

So (yes, I know I shouldn't start to paragraphs in a row with that, so sue me) what we have to play with is upping them on the wine (since the food is free) and trying to get them to do........ well, not much more.

So (yes, for the third time in a row), I'm - for all sorts of reasons pretty much no one else has - hoping that my country will get it's game on right back real soon.

Well, sure, this has had oone major benefit for me. I may be closer to a new job after Svalbard.

More about that later.

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