Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Something about everything, but still maybe not

First things first; the snow is gone from the village! Sure, it's still up in the mountains all around, but at least it's gone from where I wander on a daily basis. Feels very good to finally have switched from hiking boots to sneakers, even though the sneakers need to be cleaned pretty much daily due to all the rock-dust that's on all the roads....

And ok, the snow actually went away maybe two weeks ago but I haven't really gotten around to writing this before now, so I'm sticking with my story.

Second things second; it's still kinda cold. But since I'm getting used to the cold, I've decided to put my winter cap away for summer storage and just be a man about frozen ears. Also, I'm not going on very long hikes to be able to jump inside when the numbness gets to me.

Third things third; I'm going for a one week vacay to Sweden in two weeks! Man, it's gonna be grand to get some real summer, heat and trees! Yes trees goshdarnit! I haven't seen a tree for months and when I get down to the mainland they're gonna be all green and full of leaves!

It's gonna totally rock I tell ya!

I love trees!

(no, not in that way... you pervert)

Then to give you the animal tally up here, since I've been neglectiing it lately:

Polar Bears sighted: 0 live ones :(
Walrusses sighted: 0
Seals sighted: 0
Polar Foxes sighted: 2!!! (but no pics I'm afraid)
Reindeer sighted: About a gazillion

That's it for now.