Thursday, August 05, 2004

My li'l brother

My li'l brother just visited me for two nights. I'd bought him tickets for Bloodhound Gang in Stockholm, but since they bailed out and cancelled the show (apparently since they're recording a new album) we decided to hang out in Linköping instead. This was actually a blast!

We began his stay by going to the avionics museum, which is actually right next door to me... and still I've only visited it once before he came. Well, they've got a JAS-simulation there, apparently the same as the real fighter jocks use and we got tickets for him. After a great take-off, a loop and a roll he decided to kick some as and brought down two vampires (which is the correct term for hostiles, I believe) before completing a splendid landing. We do believe that the level was set to easy, but hey... it was really cool anyway! Then we got pizza for dinner and watched the not-so-great movie Starship Troopers 2 - Hero of the Federation. Well, it sucked!

On the second day, we went swimming.. I still say that the tube at the pool in Linköping is great! I've never encountered a slide where you need a boat to get down and naturally we tried to flip it over, which we managed two times out of ten ;) The evening was spent eating hamburgers at Flamman and then going to the movies to watch I, Robot.

It was great fun having him here... and I look forward to getting my li'l sister up here aswell for a fun weekend.

Well, that's it for now...

Saturday, July 24, 2004

First time....

Well, I'm not writing about my first time doing this and that... pretty much just checking out how this thing workds out the first time I'm writing here.

I mean, a few friends do this (blog stuff) and I figure... why not? I mean, I really dunno where everyone I know is, so I figure they can check out this page to at least see what I'm up to, even though its usually not vey much ;)

Anyways... had an interview on friday, for a job that Kalle told me about. Was his previous job and I figured it might be fun to work there (job sounded ok) since it was in Malmö (hence, I could get myself season tickets for MFF ;) ). But I think it didn't go all that well, mostly since they seemed to be looking for tech-guys and not someone with a business education. But ya can't win them all... can ya.

Just hoping for the best and hoping that I can get in toucht with Lidl and not just get a ringing phone :(

Nope, guess that's it for now... have to see how this worked out ;)