Friday, April 02, 2010

One month in...

I've now spent a bit more than a month up here where the Polar Bears roam and the Northern Lights go when they need a brake. And so far I've managed to see neither, which is kindof a bummer. Don't care that much about the Lights (since it's hard to top gazing at them when you're soaking in a 40 degree hot tub after a hard days work), but I really, really, really want to see a white Teddy.

Well, I'll get my best chance for that come Monday, when me and a bud are heading out on a snow scooter trip to Tempelfjorden. It'll be my first scooter trip since I was about 15, on a ski trip in Sweden, and managed to flip it over at an attempted turn. I do hope that will not happen this time; especially if we're being chaced by a grumpy, hungry, bear.

Enough about the bears now already.

So what I've mostly been doing is three things: I've worked, slept and spent time on the computer. Sounds utterly fascinating doesn't it? Three things I have no chance of doing nowhere else in the world, right? Maybe the next couple of things brighten it up a bit?

I've taken a few dog sled rides (that's mushing, for you who know the lingo). It's a completely awesome sport and the dogs seem to love it. These being really bad ass Alaskan malamutes(may be an error in the spelling there) and Greenladers who thoroughly enjoy life in the snow at negative 20 c. Also, they are generally very cute, huggable and really want to give you a nice slobbery kiss.

In addition to mushing, I've taken a few hikes around the village, amongst others up on one of the mountains surrounding Longyearbyen. Took the hike early one morning (early being defined here by a guy who works late and never gets to bed before 4-5 AM) and realized halfway up that we had both forgotten to bring those spikey thingys you can attach to your shoes so you don't slip on slippery surfaces (not that either one of us actually owns a pair of those, but still). This was a rather awkward discovery since the mountain began to offer us a lot more ice and hard snow than the nice one further below. Still, we didn't let that stop us on our adventurous endevour but kept heading for the top. And finally we succeded and I planted my brought along flag. Sure, it may have really been a scarf and not a flag, but it's the thoguht that counts.

Other than this I've discovered the local haunts, tried the assortments of beer on offer and started to up my previously all to bad pool playing skills.

And with that I wish you all a Happy Easter Holiday!

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