Monday, April 26, 2010

It all depends on who you say hi from

I've started looking for what to do, once I'm done up here and for the moment I'm leaning towards heading back to the office. At least for awhile until something else might happen....

To start of this search, I went to my usual job-related sites online and decided to give this recruitment firm I've applied to before another chance. I've never gotten an interview through them (mainly since I've never applied when living in mainland Norway). But it so happened their CEO happened to be trapped up here while Eyjafjallajökull had some hickups. One evening, he and I chatted for awhile, he gave me the e-mail and number to his no. 1 in O&G-recruitment and told me to say hi from him when I send her an e-mail.

So I update my profile (not much office-related to update, but still), fill in two related applications and sent her an e-mail this last Friday evening.

When I wake up on Monday I see that she's read it and already told two guys to get in touch me regarding possibilites within O&G in western Norway.

Damn, saying hi from the CEO apparently made all the difference

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