Sunday, April 04, 2010


Just watched Avatar at a buds place on his massively huge screen projector (it's an ordinary projector which makes everything friggin' huge compared to my 9" lcd-screen).

First, I have to agree with most everyone that the CGI was pretty durn awesome! It definitely raised the bar for all coming movbies and also proved that you can make a proper flick using tons of CGI.

But why, I continually asked myself, do I always cheer for the bad guys? They were simply so much cooler with their Space Marine suits and wicked helicopters, while the good guys just looked like wusses... also, I liked their (the bad guys that is) go get some attitude.

But maybe that's because I want to work in O&G?

Still, it was a darn good movie and I really enjoyed it.

I'm giving it SSSS out of 5 possible ones.

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