Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So, what have I been up to lately?

Considering I haven't added a post to this blog in way to long, I fully expect to have been really busy with what life has thrown my way.

That isn't really true.

For while I have tried to take a trip every weekend (more on those in a bit), most of my time has been spent working in the dining room of the Kibbutz, operating a dishwasher and other souse chef obligations. Yes, I rather prefer the term souse chef over dishboy, even though I'll be neither in ten days. 'Cause in ten days lambing season begins and given my extraordinary experience with animals *cough, cough* I managed to wrangle a job as a midwife.

It's gonna be totally awesome!

But now to the weekends and what spectacular places I've seen so far.

In short:

  • The Golan Heights
  • The Sea of Galilee
  • Castle Nimrod (most awesome castle name ever!)
  • Nazareth (on Christmas Day, ha!)
  • River Jordan
  • The country Jordan (though only from a distance)
  • Lebanon (same as Jordan)
  • Syria (ditto)

And come Friday I'll be heading off to Jerusalem over the weekend, which will be pretty cool.

I'll try to post some pictures here when I get around to it, but otherwise you can find quite a few of them f.ex here.

Now, I'll wish you all;

All the best for the Holiday Season and a Very Happy New Year!!!

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