Friday, December 11, 2009

Morning walk

I took a walk around the Kibbutz this morning and saw "everything". Everything ranging from the library (with a memorial room) to the lamb-pens.

The latter is much cooler according to your own personal Icelandic reporting guy. We (I and a french guy who also arrived yesterday) saw that they had put the calfs in their own little pens and he showed me the coolest trick!

If you reach out like three fingers the calfs start sucking and licking them. It felt really friggnn awesome and waay cool to this city slicker. And the same thing with all the little lambs (no worries, they're still too small for my killing instincts to set in).

Animals are great!

But then, as we had decided to take the scenic rounabout way back to our place, we walked past this grapefruit tree and noticed that it was fruiting (blooming?). So simple as that, we picked us a fresh grapefruit straight from the tree... man! It was the best piece of fruit I've ever had.

Life really is great!

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