Monday, December 14, 2009

Kibbutz Geva

That would be the name where I'm currently living.

It's a pretty small Kibbutz with around 650 kibbutzim (that would be folks who live there full time), a bunch of people who only work there and about 20 volunteers (that would include your own personal Icelandic writer dude, aka me).

It's located just south of Nazareth, about 15 km from the Jordanian border, overlooking mount Gilsomethingorother. It's in the Bible, look it up if you want to. I'm gonna try to hike up it on Saturday and then I promise to find out what it's actually called.

Geva makes its living from a big-ass factory that makes something with air-pressure-valves; also they have orange groves, almond trees, about 700 cows, 50 horses, tons of sheep, scores of cats and heaps of dogs (a heap would be aproxomately 5 scores if you're interested).

But let's focus on the dogs this time. Dogs are, after all, the single most leet animal in the world... maybe excluding hippos. But as there are no hippos on the Kibbutz, I'm sticking with dogs. These particular dogs are of a very lazy breed as most of them seem to spend most of their time lying on the ground, tongue out while waiting for nice people to walk by and scratch them on their tummies.

Yeah, they are true suckers for that. You pretty much only have to get within five meters of a dog and it rolls over, looking at you with begging eyes, mentally commanding you to scratch it.

Who can resist?

I know I can't.

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