Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another story...

"She was beautiful", she thought. "So tranquil, clear and deep. Deep with so
many secrets never to be told; secrets lost in the memories of all living
things, perhaps for all days to come."

"Are you drifting away again, my love? Still thinking about her?"

Wilhelms questions aroused her from the light slumber she had fallen into.
With a nod she answered him, and with a smile he replied.

"Wer can't go on thinking about her, sweet Gertrude", he said. "We've got a
lot more urgent things to worry about. For example how to survive months on
these land-ships, travelling these dirt-roads. I really think my arse is
going to fall off before we come to this Hal Lake that Ms Sacul has told us
so many wonderufl things about"

"I know dear", she replied with a so sweet it would enchant even a sun-elf
nobleman. "But I cannot help to think about all those things that we have
left behind. And since the Vetters signed the treaty, so many have decided
to stay behind."

"That's true, but we are still two dozen who want this adventure and since
Ms. Sacul is willing to guide us, I see no reason not to go. What also
brings me joy is that Johan the Wise said that I, Wilhelm Landvolk, would be
the first Marrish ambassador on Hal Lake. And that would make you the
ambassadors wife, dearest."

The pride in his words could not be missed and his eyes sparkled with joy
and even more pride.

"Well, those are wonderful news… Mr. Ambassador", she said with a giggle and
kissed him on the cheek. "But all in good time. First we'll have to make
sure that we get there without our arses falling off…"

"True, mylove; so very true."

And the small caravan plodded on eastwards, through the Sirkan countryside.

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