Monday, July 16, 2007


Ok, ibland kan man bli lite trött på polisen... egentligen helt utan anledning eftersom man ju är en laglydig snäll medborgare.

Men det här tål att tänka på:

You may not like cops. Few do. They can be arrogant, impatient, rude. They can weary of a demanding, complaining public. Most are good people. A few are not.

They are what we've got. They are out there, 24/7, with the psychopaths, the crash victims with the cartilage white where the flesh is gone, the week-old dead found by the reek, the snot, the blood, the cum, the maggots, the screaming half-crazed fifteen-year-old rape vtctims, the charred children caught in the fire with their guts exploded, the aged drunk women pissing in their pants in alleys and trying to crawl, the baby's brains on the windshield. You might get a bit odd too. You might get real damn odd. Think about it.

Från den här hemsidan

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