Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nästa saga...

*Scheisse! How are we supposed to get this scheit to shore?” The deputy stated angrily as he looked towards the shore. For near the shore, many naval vessels were positioned; guarding their location. “We don’t stand a chance getting the cargo to him; no matter how much he’s paying we can’t.”

“Don’t be such a Feigling, we’ve done this plenty of times before… and you’ve never complained. Or are you turning into a Hänchen?” Jürgen answered his deputy with a smirk on his face and returned to his cabin.

Before he had a chance to close the door, the deputy followed him in and went on with his complaints. “But don’t you see, the Amazonen are at war now… it’s much harder to slip past the ships than it usually is. And our contact has even been relocated to somewhere else. I didn’t even get a chance to check to were she was sent.”

“So that’s what this whining is all about…” Jürgen said, as he slipped comfortably into his rocking chair. “You simply miss your li’l lady.” Laughingly he turned towards the maps and papers that lay spread across his desk. “Well… you’ll find her soon again… and what’s one woman in a nation
full of ‘em… they’re just waiting for us to sweep ‘em of ‘er feet. Cause their gelded men sure can’t treat ‘em the way they want it.”

“Well… I suppose you’re right boss… shouldn’t be any problems. And considering they’re not looking out for us now. Probably a lot more occupied with those Ulmnians and all that.”

As the evening grew older and turned into night, the Spotted Serpent speeded towards the shore, swiftly and without a sound. The sails were set high and the ship nearly slid across the waves, due to the skilful seamanship of Jürgen Löwenhertz Brügge. Each and every one of the crew was deeply focused on their tasks; the lookouts were scouting for lights in the darkness, the
marines had their swords sheathed and the sailors were trimming the sails for maximum performance. All to reach the nearby cove and unload their precious cargo, without the navy vessels noticing them. Suddenly a light showed in the cove, a weak light that could easily be missed if one was not looking for it. So the top sails were lowered and the ship slid into the cove. Once arrived, Jürgen and a few sturdy men took a lifeboat to land and met with the people awaiting them. After a few words were passed, a sign was passed to the Spotted Serpent and the cargo was unloaded.

“Not as much as it usually is.” The apparent leader of the shore party said, when the last crate was loaded on the waiting horse carts.

“Hübsche. This blöde war affects us all in its own ways… can’t get me hands on as much of it as before. But I know you can pay me nevertheless.”

“Well… we’ll just have to see about parts of that payment tonight, won’t we?” A smirk reflected itself on the face of the female smuggler, as she took Jürgen under the arm and led him towards the horses. “Cause you and your men will join us in the village tonight, or not?”

“Naturally, my li’l Sirkan lady… naturally.”

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