Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Eine kleine Geschichte

Nu blir det en liten saga, skriven av mig:

Lurking through the shadows, evading being seen, the young man glided
through the forest. Barely disturbing the branches and leaves that lie on
the forest floor, he slid almost like a cat.

But beneath all this apparent serenity, his heart pounded like a smith on
his anvil. He could almost swear that anyone within a thousands leagues had
to be able to hear him. Apparently no one did though, since he was still
alone and not a shout or a word was uttered at him. One more tree, one more
passing cleared. Almost there now, almost done with what he had to do.
Almost a clearing, almost a mission accomplished.

The barge lay on the shore as it was supposed to, gently rocking in the calm
spring breeze. He quietly glided into the still cold waters of Lady Lake and
used a few swim-strokes to get to where he was heading. He quietly levered
himself onto the barge, and snuck towards a nearby door, opened it and
stepped through.

“Nobody there”, he thought as he stepped towards the far corner of the room.
But as he almost felt secure a voice very well known to him startled him:
“And where have you been, my dear knabe? Have you been off with that Neuvolk
girl again? Do you not know that she is no good for you?”

With a sigh the young man, still wet from top to toe, sat on his bed and
sighed: “Yes mutti, I know...”

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