Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Been awhile

So, it's been awhile since I've written anything here. Recon it's time to do something about that and type whatever's on my mind.

I should actually be tinking about going to bed since I need to get up at six tomorrow. This since I've got a shitload to do at work and will most definately be doing overtime... tomorrow... as always... phew.

Well, might aswell say what I'm doing for a living aswell since I haven't had much time to relax in a sofa for the last couple of months. I'm supposedly a coordinator at Lidl... which in other words means that I oversee when people unpack and sort boxes with goods that the stores have sent back. This I do for most of the day, since I've got people unpacking and sorting for over ten hours each day and each and every one of them doesn't do j-k s-t unless I'm there. Whoppedidooo! I just love those manual labourers.

But the weekend will probably be fun. Am getting some guests from out of town, a few old buddies from Linköping. So I'm looking forward to beer-drinking, trash-talking, failed pick-upping and nice pizas ;)

Well... that's it for now.

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